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It doesn't matter what type of database forms you need -- lead generation, feedback, surveys, membership, or contact forms -- our scalable and flexible platform makes it easy to create database-driven forms using intuitive point-and-click wizards. All without writing a single line of code!

Rely on a scalable database trusted by thousands since 2001.

Your account includes a built-in online database for you to access data anytime from any device, or import/export in MS Access, Excel, TXT/CSV, or XML format. Thousands of clients use our platform every day to host and manage over 300,000 database forms and apps, including Fortune-500 companies, government agencies, non-profits, and educational institutions.

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  • Build powerful database forms fast with an easy-to-use app builder.
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  • Deploy database-driven forms with seamless integration on your own website.
  • Analyze your data with interactive reports, searches, charts, maps, and more!
  • Enjoy flexible monthly service with unlimited users and deployments.
  • Protect data with authentication, record-level security, and SSL encryption in a PCI-compliant and SAS-70 hosted environment.

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